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Embracing therapy,
in new spaces

Services available outdoors & online

with Licensed Creative Arts Therapist Atara Vogelstein

Image by Jeremy Thomas

The world is in flux, and so are we.

TherapyWalks was born of the human needs for connection, air, and movement. During the global pandemic, when virtually everything was happening online, we missed in-person connection. We may have missed social gatherings, walking freely outdoors, being in spaces and places with others. We may have wanted a break from computer screens to replenish our eyes, our rhythms, and our senses.

The circumstances of Covid-19 left many of us feeling isolated within our homes or living spaces and anxious in all the uncertainty. The lack of sensory stimulation had profound effects on our physical and emotional health. We may have experienced lethargy from sleeping and working all in one place, stress from sharing this space or feeling overcrowded, and drained after prolonged hours facing and using technology. Our minds and bodies needed change in our daily routines and environments for regulation of physiological and psychological cycles, such as sleep, appetites, moods, focus, and energies. And in this unprecedented time, we needed support, perhaps more than ever.

Finding movement, fresh air, and expression are vital to our wellbeing. TherapyWalks was founded during Covid-19 to respond to these needs by inviting you to take a walk, sit in the park, or connect in shared space with a therapist across from you or by your side. TherapyWalks prioritizes your health and safety by exploring this process with you and inviting you to choose your path with your therapist as guide.

We can walk, move, play, create, meditate, outdoors, or online. Bring your water, coffee, or tea - let’s walk, or sit, and talk. The choices are yours. Are you ready to take these steps?

Image by Dmytro Tolokonov

How It Works

While therapy is traditionally pictured between a therapist and client in a closed office space, non-traditional forms of therapy have taken the stage, classrooms, sports fields, hiking trails, and virtual spaces for some time. When you contact us to schedule a consultation, questions can be discussed surrounding what you seek in therapy, your preference for outdoor vs. online sessions, and pricing and payment options. You will be provided informed consent guidelines to this process outlining health, safety, and confidentiality concerns and liabilities to determine if TherapyWalks is a good fit for you.

It is important to note that TherapyWalks affirms people of all backgrounds, races, ethnicities, faiths, gender identities, sexual orientations, and abilities, and can work with you to meet your needs. TherapyWalks can happen while walking, sitting, standing, dancing, playing, or meditating, and in case of a rainy day or inclement weather, virtual therapy options remain. How the session looks and takes place can be a discussion between you and your therapist as TherapyWalks is here to make therapy accessible and beneficial for you.

TherapyWalks incorporates health benefits of being outdoors and inviting walking or movement into sessions, however, is not intended to be a cardio or exercise class. The pace at which you move physically and emotionally is led by you and supported by your therapist, as you and your therapist explore your internal and external environment together.


In an effort to protect your privacy and ensure accessibility, the exact meeting location of your session will be discussed between you and your therapist prior to your initial session. Sessions in NYC can be expected at this time in the Upper West Side area, in or around Central Park and Riverside Park. As TherapyWalks grows, sessions may be available in-person or online in other neighborhoods or states. Virtual meetings can be arranged via teletherapy. In-office sessions can be arranged upon request.

Image by Brian Garcia

Taking therapy outdoors, 
if you want to.

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